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​Parents & Carers

Special schools are often some distance from the neighbourhood in which a child and their family live. As a parent or carer you may experience feelings of isolation and uncertainty, but we hope that through the expertise and support of our staff, and through links with others able to provide support, we can help to overcome this.

Whilst your child is at Rowan School please look on us as your local neighbourhood school. Your involvement in and support of the school are seen as very important for your child, yourselves and the school in general.

We have home-school diaries that your child will keep with them each day and in which adults both at home and school can write down information to be shared.

Parents and carers can always ring school to talk with a member of the class team or the head teacher. If staff are teaching they will ring you back as soon as possible.

Every term we hold open sessions. Some in the morning, some in the afternoons and some in the evenings, when parents and carers can discuss the progress and future needs of their child and often see their child involved in activities in the classroom. There are also events such as the Christmas Concert and Fun Day at which parents and carers are very welcome.

We understand that for some parents and carers it is difficult to come and visit on a regular basis, but whenever you can come, you will be most welcome, whether it is a formal occasion or a drop in visit.

RachelN.jpgOur home school link worker is available to support you with a range of things e.g. short break applications, accessing professional help, transition etc.  Rachel regularly holds coffee mornings in school where you can meet and chat with other parents and carers.

You can contact Rachel on the school telephone number 0114 235 0479 or at


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