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​Sch​ool Aims


At Rowan School o​​u​​​​r aims​ are for everyone to:​

  • feel safe and happyAllotment.JPG
  • h​ave high self esteem
  • celebrate the efforts and achievements of themselves and others
  • feel comfortable trying new experiences
  • have a sense of excitement, vision and purpose in their lives
  • learn and begin to p​​ut into practice values of healthy living
  • develop communication and social skills that access participation in their communities
  • develop independence
  • enjoy lifelong learning
  • achieve their full potential
  • make a positive contribution to society
  • appreciate and value differences​

 We be​lieve success will be a​​chieved through:

  • being valued and respected for our individual qualities, capabilities and contributions
  • being encouraged to have a positive attitude to lifelong learning and to make progress towards and beyond agreed targets
  • offering high quality and carefully planned learning experiences to meet individual needs
  • having opportunities for shared learning and social activities with our peers both in and out of school
  • creating a safe, happy and supportive environment that promote respect and understanding of other races religions and lifestyles, and encourages sensitivity to the needs of others to nurture all
  • working co-operatively and in partnership with parents and carers, professionals and others in the wider community
  • furthering the process of inclusion wherever appropriate and
  • practicable
  • acknowledging and celebrating effort and achievement

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